Our quality policy

Our corporate culture aims at constantly evolving according to what our customers, suppliers and employees expect from us.


1) Satisfy our customers

  • We wish to establish a commercial relationship based on listening to you and understanding your needs
  • We choose the technology that best suits your needs
  • We provide you with optimal and economical technical solutions ( value analysis)

2) Fine-tuning production to your needs

  • We manage just-in time logistics with complete traceability
  • We set up and use analysis and problem-solving tools
  • We analyse risks and control the products (FMECA, ISP…)






3) Continuing our development

  • We continually develop our business expertise
  • We aim at adjusting to the requirements of both French and international markets
  • We aim at improving our responsiveness and our capacity to anticipate

4) Upgrading our employees’ skills

  • We regularly train our staff to keep up with the latest technology and organisational skills.
  • We recruit deftly
  • We promote skills development



Our teams in our metrology laboratory use several methods of control:

  • Visual inspections through binoculars
  • Dimensional and functional checks
  • Engineering controls
  • Penetrant inspection
  • Leakage, sealing and pressure dropping tests
  • Pulling and tearing tests
  • Material health assessments: metallographic cross sections and X-ray imaging
  • We also develop specific and dedicated means of inspection.