Laser Micro Cutting

From prototypes to small and large series, Microweld brings you specific and efficient technical laser micro-cutting solutions to produce your specific part. Microweld's latest technology ensures perfect cutting quality with or without post-treatment. All complex shapes are available on request.

Laser Micro Cutting

Complex precision part using laser micro cutting

The flexibility of our tool will allow us to adapt and meet your needs. The process is ideal for components in applications in the following industries: Medtech, automotive, watchmaking/luxury, micro-mechanics, electronics, aeronautics and mechatronics.

micro cutting operations

Operations and Processes

Laser micro-cutting for tubes and sheets

From single parts to mass production series, Microweld can apply laser micro-cutting to a variety of materials:  stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, inconel, nitinol, copper alloy and bronze. For other materials, you can contact us, our team of expert will be glad to discuss your needs.


Cutting Tubes

  • Automatic loading
  • Part-to-part loading
  • Any diameter up to 30mm
  • Tube thickness 1mm maximum
  • Standard accuracy 10 microns and high accuracy + or – 3 microns
  • All stent or hypotube type cuts



Cutting on strips

  • Sheet-to-sheet loading
  • Dimensions up to 108x74mm
  • Thickness 1mm maximum
  • Cutting quality
Laserjet Precision Laser Micro-Cutting


Precision laser micro-cutting with no draft and no heat-affected zones


Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Laser and EDM can be combined on the same workpiece to produce even more complex cuts



  • Import of your 2D/3D models
  • Material supply management
  • Definition of cutting geometries
  • Complex shapes without deformation
laser micro cutting laser micro cutting

Additional Services

  • Project management including subcontracting management (machining, surface treatment, material supply)
  • Packaging
  • Supply chain
  • Machining
  • Rectification
  • Electropolishing
  • Post-treatment

Contact our team to discuss your project.