Laser micro-cutting of 3D hypotubes and 2D parts

Microweld has a range of machines capable of meeting your 2D and 3D micro-cutting requirements. From principle tests and prototypes to mass production.

Micro laser cutting

Laser cutting of 3D hypotubes and 2D parts

Micro laser cutting is an advanced process that uses extremely fine laser beams, from 20 to 100 µm, to make precision cuts in a wide variety of materials. This level of precision is ideal for miniature components requiring microscopic accuracy in industries such as medical device manufacturing, aerospace, microelectronics and watchmaking.

Our Laser Micro Cutting capabilities

High-precision micro-cutting

At Microweld, we push the boundaries of laser cutting technology with our expertise in micro laser cutting and soon in nano laser cutting. The company specialises in high-precision cutting, offering tailor-made solutions for cutting 3D hypotubes and also 2D parts, adapted to projects requiring micron-level precision.

Specific applications of laser micro-cutting

Perfectly suited to the manufacture of stents, endoscopes, articulated navigation systems and other medical devices, our 2D and 3D laser micro-cutting ensures clean cut edges, with no burrs, draft or heat-affected zones.

Our technology is also ideal for precision machining on strip and sheet metal, used in the manufacture of electronic watch components or medtech components (tantalum marker).

Flexible materials

  • We work with materials such as stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, steels, nitinol, graphite, tungsten carbide, silicon, ceramics and even diamond.
  • Our machines are capable of cutting to thicknesses ranging from 50 microns to over 10 mm.

Rigorous quality control

Our parts are inspected using a digital microscope with a magnification capability of up to x2000 to guarantee the quality and precision of the cuts.

Advanced technology

Our state-of-the-art machinery is equipped with 4 and 5 axes.

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