Laser Manufacturing Processes

Since 1997 we have been constantly evolving our expertise in laser micro-welding, micro-cutting, laser marking and engraving processes.  

Large Series Laser Micro Welding

Microweld has substantial expertise and technical capacity to reliably serve major world markets with large series micro-welding contractor services of the highest quality.

medical instrument
Precision Laser Marking
Large Series Industrial Precision Parts for Medtech

Small to Medium Series Laser Micro Welding

Employing the latest generation CNC equipment, Microweld is able to confidently serve small to medium series of highly demanding geometrically complex components with advanced laser micro-welding techniques.

welding of a micro-machined part
latest generation CNC equipment
Small and medium series laser micro-welding

Laser Marking, Engraving, Ablation, Texturing

Microweld is a specialist in laser marking, engraving and related processes: etching, ablation and texturation. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and precision results for whatever your application field may be.

Micro Laser Laser Marking
laser marking and micro cutting
ablation of micro component

Laser Micro Cutting

From prototypes to small and large series, Microweld offers efficient laser micro-cutting solutions required for the manufacturing of your specific part. Microweld’s latest technology ensures perfect cutting quality with or without post-treatment. All complex shapes are available on request.

Precision micro-cut medical instrument
turnkey instrument flexible
micro-cut medical instrument