Product Qualification and Compliance

To guarantee the highest level of workmanship our production units are comprised of fully qualified specialists. Also, our product qualification processes ensure that your products fully meet your requirements.

Quality control department


Microweld organization controlled by a management system certified by ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards.

The certifications were renewed under the versions:

Microweld ISO 13485 Certification
AS 9100 Certified
certification ISO 9001

Quality Control Procedure

Microwelding is a very specialised process which requires a specific qualification processes to ensure that the final products meets all usage and safety requirements.

Our four stage qualification process ensures that the properties of our welds comply with your specifications, the mechanical characteristics, the resistances of the various modes of stress, embrittlement and dynamic behavior.

Product Identify

Define the technical requirements and specificities.

  • implementation parameters
  • special requirements on parts
  • compliance with the specifications
Qualify your products

Qualify your products and our resources to meet your requirements.

  • the equipment
  • operations
  • the installations
  • the staff
product validate

Check that the treatment applied to the part actually meets the definition requirements by testing.

  • the operation and repeatability of the overall process
  • the performance of the chosen process
  • the controls
Products and Qualification Monitor

Monitor and measure effectiveness

  • install polarizers, Poka Yoke
  • track the production
  • control
  • measure
  • carry out internal audits

Our Method Of Controls

Our teams in our metrology laboratory use several methods of control

  • Visual inspections through binoculars
  • Dimensional and functional checks
  • Engineering controls
  • Penetrant inspection
  • Leakage, sealing and pressure dropping tests
  • Pulling and tearing tests
  • Material health assessments: metallographic cross sections and X-ray imaging
  • We also develop specific and dedicated means of inspection.
Method Steps
Cirular Image
Identity Needs
Monitor ND Measuring Efficiency