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Welding is a very special process

You wish to garantee compliance with your specifications and requirements, take into account the involved mechanical characteristics, necessary resistance to diverse stress modes, embrittlement as well as appropriate dynamic behaviour :

We can assist you through our  4 stage process:

Quality process



1. Identify the needs

Definition of the spécifications and technical requirements:

  • implementation parameters
  • specific requirements for parts
  • compliance with specifications.

2. Qualify your products and our manufacturing capacities to comply with your requirements

  • equipment
  • operations
  • installations
  • staff




3. Validate

Check that the technique applied to the component complies precisely with the definition requirements by testing it.

  • operation and repeatability of the overall process
  • the performance level of the chosen process
  • inspection

4. Monitor and measure efficiency

  • install positioning lugs: Poka Yokes
  • track production
  • inspect
  • measure
  • conduct in-house audits