Small and medium-series laser welding


Our engineers and technicians study your requests and devise optimal technical solutions to optimise your part and its associated processes.


Our new generation NC equipment is comprehensive and diversified, and enables us to assemble metal (steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper) components. Our expertise allows us to provide welding solutions on materials such as cobalt-chrome, kovar, anvar, nitinol, inconel, molybdenum, nickel and its alloys…

  • Continious and pulsed laser machines up to 5 kW:yag, disc, fibre, diode
  • Welding units with 5 continuous axis equipped with programmable optical sensors and built-in Renishaw probes
  • Installation of Multipurpose manual work stations for laser welding
  • Robotic laser welding cells: complex welding pathways, on-board components, on-board optical lasers
  • Dedicated welding station for specific geometrical types

Our mastery of new generation welding techniques, especially robotic laser welding enables us to perform even the most complex welding geometries.

  • Precision robotic laser welding with robotic cells
  • Pulsed, continuous, disc, fibre and diode laser welding
  • Combined energy welding
  • TIG, MICROTIG and orbital welding
  • Micro-plasma welding
  • Electric and microelectric welding

Ever since 1997, we have been building fruitful partnerships with renowned and demanding companies and strengthening our constantly evolving expertise :

  • Customised work
  • Micro-mechanics
  • Repair and maintenance of tooling for plastics, cutting, stamping, etc.
  • Additional services: packaging, logistics, heat and surface treatment, machining, project management, co-development and co-industrialisation partnerships



Depending on your request, we offer a wide range of finishings, glossy or matt satin, mirror-polished or brushed: trimming, brushing, polishing, sand blasting and alumina blasting.
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